Advertising Works and when you get a great deal on your advertising, it's even better!

  Here at Oremus Press, we have amazingly low rates at just $5.00 per vertical column inch. That means you could put a business card style ad in our paper for an entire year for just $240...

...Try getting THAT rate with SECULAR newspapers!

  Purchase a regular ad of at least 2 columns wide (x) 2 inches tall (a $20 value per month) in our print paper, and we will include a standard box ad for you... FREE... on this website!

  Those box ads you see on this site are a great deal, too, at only $25 per month, even if you don't opt for a print ad.

  The chart you see here is a listing of our standard PRINT advertising rates (per issue). We offer everything from a 1 column (x) 1-inch ad at $5.00 to a full page (6x21) at $630. Other common standard sizes are:

• Bus. Card: 2 col (x) 2" ... $20

• 2 col. (x) 3"...$30

• 1/4 Pg.: 3 col. (x) 10.5"... $156

• 1/2 Pg.: 6 col. (x) 10.5" ... $312

• Full Pg.: 6 col. (x) 21" ... $630

Clean Plumbing LLC: Call 405-837-2945


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Please Call: 405-789-4406
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We can design an ad for you, or use your pre-designed ad if you prefer. If you want to do your own ad, please contact us in advance for our column width measurements. We can use PDF and JPG files, preferably at a resolution of at least 300 dpi.

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