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Beginning with our November 2017 issue, we will no longer be sending our the extra second copy to our Individual Subscribers. This has always been a complimentary copy anyway and has never been part of the purchase price. Many of our Subscribers have expressed confusion over the years as to why they receive two copies, so in order to end confusion and cut our mailing costs, we are discontinuing this practice.

In our early days of printing, we had fewer subscribers and an excess of newspapers which were simply going to waste. Since postage for two copies of the paper in an envelope was the same one, we decided to send two. This would allow one copy for the Paying Subscriber, and an extra for them to share with a friend each month.

As time went on, and our subscriber base grew, we no longer had the problem of left-over copies of the paper. Many Subscribers, however, still did not understand our oft-stated indication that they were to share that extra copy with a friend while encouraging them to subscribe. We admit, it was an odd practice.

Our subscriber list has grown, thanks be to God, but so have our costs. In order to free up extra copies of Oremus Press for paying subscribers, and to end confusion, we have decided to simply end the practice of sending out all those free copies.

Please encourage your friends to become subscribers. We also need regular advertisers to help keep this little orthodox business apostolate afloat. Thank you for your prayer and understanding.                - The Orémus Press Staff

We do keep a limited number of every issue will make them available at $5.00 per copy. This will also cover postage. Just let us know, by email, what issue you need, and we'll see if it is still available.


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