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Orémus Press Newspaper (Orémus) is an independent, privately-owned, for-profit business apostolate in the service of Our Lord and the Catholic Church.  Although it has never managed to turn a recognizable profit since its founding in 2010, it must still find ways to generate income to keep the presses running and pay the production bills.

Let it be known that we are not a fan of PayPal or other abortion-funding financial services, any more than most of you are. But in light of "remote material cooperation," we have kept it as an option thus far.

— Options on the Table —

Orémus has always attempted to offer as many options as possible for clients to deliver funds for subscriptions, advertising and donations.

NEWSSTANDS/CASH — At our home parish, we host a traditional news-stand, with a donation tube. Cash currency is collected therefrom, although the newspaper is not "sold" on church premises, as per our own decision. Any income from the location is due solely to the generosity of donors...and it often goes back into the collection basket anyway.

ONLINE SALES - Payments made through this website  are made via options provided by the website hosting service itself. We do not choose these, but rather, the visitor/client making the payment or donation makes the decision whether to use PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover.

BY MAIL — Orémus clients have always been permitted - in fact, encouraged, to submit payment via traditional bank check, to our postal address: Oremus Press, 24212 E. 680 Road, Dover, OK 73734.

— The Crux of the Matter —

As we all know, there are fewer and fewer options in business today that do not have have their fingers in the pie the promotion of abortion, homosexuality, hedonistic behavior, religious il-liberty issues, and more. This has made it difficult for apostolates like Orémus to collect the income we need to continue our work.

According to, all of the online options we make available rank quite low when it comes to morality and religious freedom issues. Use of these services, including PayPal, is still in the realm of "remote material cooperation," according to The Church. This means, basically, that if you, as the customer, have only the intention of making a payment for a moral or neutral product or service, there is no sin on your part. The sin is on the part of those intentionally, directly contributing to the evil. If you, as the customer, make the payment with PayPal BECAUSE they say they will donate X% to Planned Parenthood...that is a problem.

We do not judge those who use PayPal/Credit/Debit solely for the purpose of making financial transactions. Perhaps offer a Hail Mary that the penny-or-two from your transaction "gets misdirected" to a good cause somewhere along the line, instead of ending up in Planned Parenthood's pocket.

As previously stated, Orémus has never been able to turn a profit anyway, so any funds PayPal may skim from our transactions, and give to Planned Parenthood, is virtually microscopic. Still... we do fully support any subscribers, donors or advertisers who opt not to use PayPal. As previously stated, we don't like this situation any more than many (hopefully all) of you do.

If you are among the upstanding and fortunate folks who have managed to kick PayPal and all credit/debit cards to the curb, please feel free to use traditional bank checks. Of course, this can also be an issue for some, as many larger banking institutions donate to the abortion giant, gay marriage and other ungodly initiatives as well. Also, we know that we have gone through a period where a great bulk of society has moved away from paper checks,

We will accept cash though the mail, though we do not recommend it, and neither does the United States Postal Service. We cannot take responsibility for these payments which do not arrive at their final destination.

— —

The online payment options we make available on this website are being tracked and scored by watchdog group "" Orémus highly recommends checking in with 2ndVote from time to time on these and any other big name with which you or your family does business. Click on the following names to view their corresponding 2ndVote scores and information:

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— Be cautious, but not paranoid —

We are quickly becoming, as the Scriptures warned, a society where one will not be able to buy or sell, without accepting the mark. It's now a given that all the major credit/debit cards directly participate in evil. If your local bank doesn't donate directly to the evil, the company that makes their checks may...or the company that processes them... or the companies that makes the ink, or paper used to produce the checks. Mail the checks, and we deal with the U.S. Government, which of course gives millions to immoral causes. Cash money has its own problems, as its backed by that same U.S. Government. How far is one to take the demand not to cooperate in even the remotest way? Do what you can, on your personal level, but don't stress yourself out over it, or paint yourself into a corner. Holy Mother Church has allowed for "remote material cooperation" for quite some time.


If you still care to use the above named financial services,

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If you prefer to donate / subscribe / advertise with Orémus Press Newspaper by mail, the address is: OREMUS PRESS • 24212 E. 680 Road  •  Dover, OK 73734

Given this 28th day of September, 2019

Feast of St. Wenceslaus / Vigil of the Dedication of St. Michael the Archangel

— J.A.Ingle, Editor/Publisher
— M.A.Ingle, Co-Publisher
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