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Be sure to let us know (by email) who we're sending the paper to
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At-Home, Individual, Mailed-to-Your-Door Monthly Subscription. One paper in an envelope. Contact us if you would like up to 5 copies ($1 extra per copy).

10 per Month • $120 per year


12 Files emailed per year

Get Your Orémus Newspaper By Email - "E-Subscription"

Sometimes God shows us another path from what we thought was our plan...and young men leave the seminary. As such, this is a year-by-year offer. Please submit a new request each year in order to continue your free subscription. Thank you.

Although the vast majority of our readers prefer the tangibility of a traditional newspaper, we are now offering PDF files of Orémus by email each month to those who wish to use this method. The rate is still the same, but this is more convenient for overseas readers, due to the high cost of postage, and the slower delivery time. We're using the Honor System - complete with 100% Authentic Catholic Guilt - for this offer. We are not putting a protective coding into these files, but we implore you not to share your digital subscription with others.  Meanwhile will continue to produce our paper-and-ink newspaper each month.

Bulk Order Options


50 per Month • $600 per Year


25 per Month • $300 per Year

All bulk-mailed papers are now $1.00 per copy. This is the only way we can guarantee Orémus Press does not lose money on the practice. 

For those who get their paper at a parish news-stand, this is still less than the At-Home Individual Mailing above. Bulk orders, however, do not include the special goodies that we sometimes send along in our Individual Orders.