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Things are getting rough, but don't despair.

Stay in the boat, because that's the only place HE is.


(Christ asleep in His boat | by Jules Joseph Meynier, 1826-1903)

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Regarding turmoil in the Church and often troubling statements from this Holy Father... we are scandalized as are a great many of the Faithful, yet we still consider Pope Francis as the legitimate Vicar of Christ. Our mastheads will reflect this, unless and until The Church properly and legitimately determines otherwise, however such an event may come to pass. It is not the place of our publication to make this determination, but to follow what the Church determines. Meanwhile, we pray, and encourage others to do the same. Orémus Press Newspaper is NOT a Sedevacantist publication.    —  O.P.N.

We apologize for the clunkiness of our website. Our Catholic Faith
​has also gotten somewhat clunky after 2,000 years, but we love it anyway, so there.

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